If you’re clueless about what to post on Facebook, chances are you haven’t had much luck on figuring out the secret to a good post. Fortunately, making a good post is not nearly as complicated as it may initially seem, and the trick to an engaged audience who likes your content is just a few steps away. Check out the tips below to see what works on Facebook – and what you need to stay away from.

Images are Excellent

When you post images, don’t just think about what relates to your company. Think about what would entertain and engage your audience. For example, maybe you have some behind-the-scenes photos from the office that show workers in balloon hats. Those kinds of behind-the-scenes photos will bring some laughs from your audience and make them feel more connected to your company. Posting images that have information on them – such as infographics –are also highly shareable and loved by many people because of how easy they are to understand.

Questions are Even Better

Posing questions to your audience can make them feel like you value their opinion. You can ask questions in your picture posts, but you can also ask them in poll form. Facebook has a poll function that will allow you to ask a question and allow the answerers to either click an available option or make their own answer if they see fit. They can even comment on the poll if they wish to give insight on why they answered what they did. Not only will asking questions teach you about your audience, they’ll enjoy the interaction as well.

Boring Posts are Bad

Posts should be interesting and engaging. Even going over the top sometimes is better than posting something that no one really wants to read. Announcing an article with some fun and whimsical text can also encourage people to click on a link. Then, even if the content may be a little dry, your audience was still entertained and may click on the link when they would have otherwise avoided it.

Not Posting at All is Worse

Opening up a Facebook account and then neglecting to establish a posting schedule can ruin your online presence. Ideally, you should be posting three to four times a day so you have several opportunities to pop up on someone’s news feed. You will see higher engagement numbers the more you post and make interesting content available to your audience. Higher engagement means more opportunities for leads and sales.