In the world of competitive business, it’s important that you learn how to stand out. One of the better ways to stand out, especially online, is to have an amazing website. Amazing doesn’t necessarily mean unique and whimsical, but it does mean that it appeals to your audience as a whole. Here are some tips you can use to guarantee your website is appreciated by your visitors.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Pages

A visitor will wait an average of three seconds before they click away and find another website to give their business. If your page is large and complicated, it won’t load in three seconds. Make sure your pages are mostly text with limited graphics to ensure fast loading times, and use a reliable web host so that your site doesn’t go down at inopportune moments.

Use a Classy, Easy-to-Comprehend Navigation System

Don’t use drop down menus if you can avoid them. When you do have to use them, make sure you limit the number of available choices in them, and make it easy to hover over and click on the appropriate title. Make sure everything is spelled out and guests to your website don’t have to guess about where they’re heading when they click on a link.

Links on Your Homepage

If your navigation fails to intrigue a visitor, maybe the easy-to-find links on your front page will draw them in. Include a description of what the link will offer, and make the link large enough to read from several feet away. This will give your visitor two opportunities to visit and navigate other pieces of your website, and sometimes twice is all it takes.