If you’ve been writing newsletters for awhile, you know that sometimes you have to get over the hump of “what do I need to write?” to ever get anything done. The fact is this, however – you don’t always need to write fresh content for all of your newsletters. You can use content you already have and spruce it up a bit with quality edits and a more conversational voice. Here are three places you can start your search.

News in Your Niche

What’s going on in your world? It’s likely that if you care, some of your readers will care, too. For example, Windows 8 just launched, and it can be vital for businesses and business owners alike to know what it’s like to make an educated decision about purchasing it. Be that expert voice and write a quality review on the product (hopefully after you’ve tested it out yourself).

What are Your Competitors Saying?

If you’re not keeping tabs on your competitor, you’re making one huge mistake. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, right? You should be checking out your competitor weekly, if not more often than that. What are they telling their customers? Make sure that you keep your offerings competitive, and make yours smarter, faster, or more useful. Then talk about them in your newsletter.

Community Events

Even if you’re not hosting them, it’s always good to know what’s going on in the world around us. If your business is locally-oriented, include events going on in the area that people might want to get involved in. Mention them especially if you’ve sponsored them or you’re showing off a new product at an event. You can also advertise non-profit events to show that you care about the community around you.