ID-10015349Is your business struggling with social media interaction? On big places like Facebook, it can be hard to be seen in the sea of billions. However, if you’re a small business, it makes sense to start small. Even though Google+ hasn’t been all that popular in the years that it’s been out, it has grown a nice following in the past few months as it has added new features such as communities. Communities alone can help you bring in a loyal audience. Here’s how else they can help you starting today.

Connecting with the Right Folks

Of course connecting with people is important, but connecting with the right people is even more important. You should be reaching out to other popular G+ers, as many of them will have connections in your niche. Don’t just join every Google+ community you can find. Instead, pick and choose the right ones for you so that you can connect with the right people. No one wants to see a business page that’s in 600 irrelevant communities.

Be the Right Authority in Your Niche

Being an expert in your niche is of utmost importance, but are you the right authority? The better your posts and interactions with those you’ve connected with, the better your establishment as an expert that others come to when they need help getting organized and ready to embark on their own adventures. It’s the little things that really build your brand on Google+.

Promote Your Brand

No, we don’t mean you should start marketing and buying up ad space and spending tons of money on guaranteeing you have a spot on big websites or at the top of Google. In fact, your actions speak much louder than your words, and simply engaging your audience at an appropriate level can market your brand for you.