tComing up with blog post ideas can be a drag, especially if you aren’t a natural born writer. Blog topics can be elusive in the grand world, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to write about somewhere. If you’ve already made the transition from creating blog posts out of your own mind and have moved on to creating them based on the ideas that others have thought of first, but you think you’re out of topics now, you’re wrong. There are tons of places to dig up more ideas for your articles, and here are two of them.

Talk About a Popular Post

Everyone runs into a post every once in a while that’s generated a lot of interest. These posts are usually created by people who have a large blog following already, and those who like to stir up controversy usually get even more buzz. Sometimes it’s just an article that made it first to the scene of a new event. Whatever it may be, a large popular post gives you the opportunity to comment and analyze the situation (and the commentary that the original post contained). Simply mentioning such a post often gets you hits, and if you can start a discussion on the topic, you’ll see even more traffic.

Check Out Other Mediums

When you can’t find any inspiration in the medium that you usually look at – say, other blogs for example – try a different medium. Just breaking the connection between your writer’s block and the medium at hand can completely change how you’re feeling about a particular subject. There are YouTube videos, books, podcasts, even radio broadcasts that can serve for inspiration when you’re having a rough time think of something new.